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How To Get Your Friends And Family To Respect Your Network Marketing Business

If you want to be successful in network marketing, you must contend with this dead-serious question:

Are you embarrassed to be involved in the network marketing industry?

It's critical to be honest because your answer has everything to do with the results (or lack thereof) you'll achieve in your business.

Okay, so what's your answer?

Are you, in fact, embarrassed or ashamed to be a network marketer?

If so… thank you for being honest!

Now, what if we showed you how you can earn the RESPECT of your friends, family, and colleagues who might think network marketing is beneath you and/or a scam?

Would that be cool?

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people quite network marketing because they don't believe

I'm going to share a few possible solutions you can use if you're suffering from embarrassment, or if you don’t want certain people in your life to know that you're involved in one of those “network marketing things.”

Luckily there are some very tangible and specific things that you can do to legitimize your business in the eyes of those around you, and ultimately, even in the eyes of everyone in our society.

But first, we want to take you through my friend and mentor's journey and show you how he earned the respect of those who absolutely hated and crapped all over his  business.

this is Ferny's story- He had the awesome opportunity to go to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is literally the number one school in the world as it relates to technology and science, and that’s where he earned his Bachelor’s degree.

And after he graduated from MIT, he went to work on top-secret space programs for the government.

So basically, he went to school, got good grades, attended the best university I could possibly go to, and then got a “good” job.

On the outside, it seemed like he had it made.

But that wasn't the case.

He was miserable!

Can you relate to expectations not matching reality?

If you do everything “right,” your life is supposed to be set,


don't prospect your friends and family

People thought the world was his  oyster, and he honestly couldn’t go any further from a prestige standpoint.

But he wasn't happy, so he did something about it and joined a network marketing opportunity.

It was the ONLY thing anyone ever offered him to take him out of his “cubicle slave” situation, which he absolutely did not enjoy.

And there's a really good chance you can relate to how this move was received by the people he cared for the most…

He got a lot of grief from my family

Which manifested in conversations that sounded an awful lot like this…

“What are you doing? Why are you selling vitamins? You’re an engineer and you work for the government, why are you doing this? You make good money and you're giving that up for…this?”

But that's not all, he also had the privilege of getting flack from some of the most brilliant people in the world via his friends and colleagues from MIT.

So then he was dealing with super-high I.Q. people crapping all over his new profession!

It was hard to refute their arguments, because they are extremely intelligent people, and they know how to argue.

In fact, a lot of them actually compete in debates!

So that's what he had to overcome from a belief standpoint.

He wished he knew then what he knows now…

real businesses market and advertise

Over the past 10 years in this profession, Ferny met people who are former corporate executives, former small business owners, former medical scientists, former engineers, former pilots – just to name a few – who are all involved in network marketing.

Which shouldn't come as a surprise, honestly; it’s not like in network marketing we only have people that can't get a “real” job or are uneducated.

No, we have many educated, sophisticated, and successful people already in this industry.

They obviously were not happy with what they were doing, and they started looking for something their current professions couldn't provide.

Case in point, Ferny recently attended a workshop in Australia, with his friends Masa Cemazar and Miguel Montero, the “Pyjama Bosses.”

Masa has a Ph.D. in medical science and was working in a lab doing incredible things as a geneticist.

Miguel was a commercial airline pilot.

These people left highly-respected, six-figure careers to join network marketing.

And you know what?

It's pretty awesome to see such professionals, who have already earned the respect of their peers, joining the industry and getting to be successful in network marketing.

Now let's dive into my three-step process for dealing with the negativity from the people around you.

Starting with…

fortify your mindset to be successful in network marketing

This is the ONLY thing I'll discuss that's in alignment with what most top earners in this industry teach regarding how to deal with negativity.

And you've probably heard all this before…

You must fortify your mindset. You must believe this can work for you…not that it can work, not that it can work for some, not that it can work for others, but that it can work for YOU!

Well, it's true.

You won't follow through on projects you don't believe in, because everyone quits when they don't believe they can actually do something.

Think of something BIG you've accomplished in your life—like going to school, attaining higher degrees, ambitious projects at work, or running a marathon.

You were able to achieve because you believed

Even though it was difficult, even though it was challenging, even though it was daunting, you accomplished it.

Basically, you committed to the fact that you could do it, and then you figured out “how” along the way.

And so, we absolutely agree you have to fortify your mindset and believe your network marketing opportunity is the real deal.

If you have any doubts, or you think…

“Well, I don't know if people will buy my products, because they’re kind of expensive.”

…then you just killed your business.

If you have any doubts about your abilities or your compensation plan…

…then you won’t get far.

If you see people around you and you think…

“People were successful before, but, I don't see a lot of people successful in my company now.”

…then you just sealed the deal on your future, as it relates to that business.

Which isn't to say that every company is the same.

Sometimes these concerns are legitimate, but regardless, the result is the same…

You're categorically sabotaging your success by having these doubts going through your mind.


be honest and realistic to be successful in network marketing

You've got to be honest and realistic about what happens in the network marketing space—because it ain't always pretty!

You've probably observed some shady practices in network marketing, and look, sometimes you're going to run into situations like that.

Pyramid schemes and slimy business practices are real in this market, as they are in any profession.

Look at Wall Street or real estate; people do unethical things ALL the time in those industries.

Yet it doesn’t make those industries illegitimate or illegal.

So we must be real and honest about what's wrong in our space.

This is where I don't agree with the “orthodoxy” of network marketing

Most leaders will condition you to label anyone with negative comments as “haters” or losers.

The same goes for society-at-large's negative view of our profession as a whole—you're conditioned to label nearly everyone as negative people who don't “get it,” and to push them aside.

I completely disagree with this strategy.

Because I think it’s ignoring a REAL problem, and I prefer to view the negativity as a symptom of what we’re doing wrong as an industry, or what we can do better in our profession.

Look, the reason people view our space in a negative light is because somebody, at some point in the history of network marketing, did something frankly stupid that created a ripple effect—that's the bottom line.

Ferny's stance is simple…

The network marketing profession needs to take responsibility for how it's viewed by society

That's the only way anything will change.

And the way he intends to take responsibility and do something about our poor image is to teach REAL business practices, which will actually help to legitimize this profession.

Because when you legitimize how you operate and operate like a real business, you not only are being realistic, you're also going to fortify your mindset and get on the right track to elevate your friend's and family's opinion of your business.

Which brings me to step number three, which I feel is the most important…

build a REAL business to be successful in network marketing

The reason Ferny built his business online using “21st-century tactics,” like social media, is because it legitimizes this profession.

The “old-school” methods of approaching everyone you know to try to get them into your business is NOT how a real business operates–that's NOT how you get to be successful in network marketing.

Allow us to repeat ourselves…

Approaching strangers, or people in a social setting, with a hidden agenda to get them into your business, is not how a real business operates!

That's a fact.

Real businesses don't do that.

Real businesses actually market and advertise their services!

And provide real solutions that help people solve their problems.

Makes sense, right?

So what does that mean?

Well, first and foremost, there's a mindset component.

If you don't have a real solution for people and the problems they're experiencing in their lives, then they’re not going to be interested.

But if you do have something that helps people solve a problem that's actually happening in their life, then they will likely be interested.

Whether it's weight loss, health and wellness, fitness, financial planning and investing, insurance, beauty, and longevity—whatever!

The key is to attract the right people who are already interested in solutions like what you offer, so you're not trying to… as the saying goes… sell steak to a vegetarian.

If this sounds daunting, don't worry—I'm going to make it real simple.

Here's all Ferny did to start…

After meeting some mentors, they pointed him to a simple one-page website  to attract & collect the contact information of new prospects who specifically requested more information about what he offered.

They showed him how to promote it to the right people, and leads started flowing in!

He never had to talk to friends, family, or strangers about his opportunity, if he didn't want to anymore!

Imagine the power of that!

Long story short, within 2 years he became a 6-figure income earner in his opportunity and over the past 10 years he has personally been responsible for over $17 Million in gross income into his home businesses, doing what real businesses do – market to people who would be interested in what you have instead of people who hate the industry!

When you are able to start making money in your business without doing “old school” strategies and put the “marketing” back into network marketing, the people around you will begin to respect you and some may become interested, because you're now building in a way that seems appealing and making money to boot!

So, if you're ready to start using digital marketing strategies…

…and ditching the old school strategies, which will only serve to embarrass you, deflate you, and crush your belief in this industry, then I highly recommend you…

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It is possible to be in this business and NOT lose all your friends and damage your relationships with your family.

With the attraction marketing system I can teach you, you can say “no” to rejection by recruiting from a pool of already interested prospects who were attracted to your business.

You can no longer worry about angering family and friends as you try and squeeze the last bit of prospects from your warm market!

By reading Attraction Marketing Formula and using this system, you can help struggling network marketers, many on their last dime, get out of their slump and get back into the game!

Because for the first time in their business career, they know EXACTLY what to do, and will have the  CONFIDENCE to take action, knowing the results will be huge.

And did we mention without facing REJECTION?

Some have become mentors to others, and have created success stories of their own WITHOUT using the “old as dirt” methods still being taught to network marketers all over the world.

The thing is, in the digital age, you don't need to be pushy, “salesy,” or obnoxious.

In fact, those strategies simply won't work in today's blink-and-you'll-miss-it world.

You'll need to give people a REASON to follow you, to contact you, and to WANT to join you. And, if you're not proud of your own company…

How can you expect others to be?

So, you can take control of your own network marketing, stop the incessant spam, and save your relationships with those you care about by ​clicking here to get access to Attraction Marketing Formula, and you can start feeling proud to call yourself a network marketer!

I hope Ferny's story offered you some perspective and things to think about.

Wishing you much success in your business,

Chuck & Susan Kewin


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