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Meet Chuck and Susan

What would make a married couple of 37 years with 5 children and 4 grandchildren, reinvent themselves as entrepreneurs?

Susan being a homeschooling mom of 5, and Chuck being self-employed in the construction field for many years, it was time for a change. We decided to move to a different state to give our two youngest children an opportunity to attend a private school.  We were able to find work as property managers of a large manufactured home community.  While we were thankful for the job, it did not provide benefits, or an income that would allow us to prepare for retirement in any way. 

We were 50 years old, found ourselves in a J.O.B. (just over broke) with no way to plan for our future. So, what were we to do?

We had tried network marketing when we were first married, with no success. We felt like a sales people desperate to make a sale and getting people to buy a product that they did not really need. I really was not interested in trying again… until we were introduced to products that we knew we needed for our health.  We had amazing results, were sold on the products, company, and compensation plan and we wanted to share it with others and hopefully create an income stream.

But we found ourselves making the list of 100 names, prospecting everyone within prospecting distance every where and anywhere. It just was not working for us. Prospecting everyone in sight made us feel like desperate salesmen, which is not who we were…

While we did have some success, our business quickly fell apart. Most of our enrollments quit with the exception of just a few people.  We were not able to duplicate what we were doing.

We talked about quitting and giving up on our dreams of early retirement and being able to be a part of our grandchildren’s lives but it was just too important to us!  We also were passionate about the nonprofit organization we helped create for the homeless and we really wanted to dedicate more time to that as well.  We knew we had to dig deep and make this happen but we just didn't know how. We really did not have a plan B for our lives if this did not work.  At our age, and with our lack of skill sets (especially in technology) we knew our work was cut out for us but after all network marketing is the great equalizer. 

We were told that we didn't need prior experience, our investment was very minimal and we had company and team training! This was our opportunity to own our own business and have the time and financial freedom that we needed to allow us to do the things we desired to do. It was everything we were looking for… but we just couldn't make it work. Then came the post that showed up on our Facebook feed, “Do you want to grow your network marketing business without chasing after friends and family, and have leads and business builders coming to you?”   Well, heck yes!

You see, we are all about people and building relationships. We soon found that what they were talking about was “Attraction Marketing”.  Attraction Marketing is all about building your business through online strategies that teach you how to be attractive to those that are looking for your products and/or opportunity. This means that qualified leads are looking for you and your opportunity. If you create value in the market, people will come to you!

This training company has provided us with not only the most up to date training and strategies on Social Media, but also mentoring that has proven to be invaluable.

We now have the tools we need to make our plan “A” a reality. The exciting thing for us, is we can help others who find themselves in the place that we were in and give them hope and a vision for their future.

We still build our business traditionally but using online strategies opened our business to the online market that is global!

Is it possible to create a thriving home based business online? YES, with hard work, training, and the mentoring of successful people. This is what we found in Attraction Marketing.

We know the power of network marketing, if done strategically and with the right tools. Our passion is to help others to find the success and freedom that the industry can provide.

We hope that we can be a part of your journey to becoming a successful network marketer.

Helping people reinvent themselves and reach a level of confidence to pursue their dreams is what we are all about. Developing and cultivating relationships is what network marketing is about. It is what a fulfilling life is all about.

We are committed to help you as a network marketer to bring grace and elegance back into this industry, by showing you a better way to grow your business. If you think this might be what you are looking for too...connect with us for a FREE consult and let's talk about it!